Dear generous donors for Hope For Kids,


          We sincerely apologize for the delay in distributing gifts to children in the Hope For Kids program. Thanks to the help of parents and local authority, the elementary school at Mũi is now self sufficient.  Because of that, we have decided to move on to other schools more in need.


          Our goal when building the classes at Mũi in 2005 was to help poor children come here to learn how to write and read. For those who did not have the means to get to school, we provided bicycles to help them with transportation.


          In the past few years, Mũi has become a popular tourist destination. This has brought a lot of new job opportunities, which created prosperity for local families. The school that we first built in Mũi   now no longer needs our financial help as before.


          We were able to contact a few people in Saigon who were willing to help us to find new schools in far away places needing our support. Some members in the group KIAFC have volunteered to create a new group Hope For Kids Saigon, in affiliation with Hope For Kids USA.


          After some searching, Hope For Kids in Saigon recommends us to help children at three B́nh Thắng Elementary Schools (A, B and C), Gia Mập District,  B́nh Phước Province. It takes four hours to get there, about 200 km from Saigon.


          These three schools have 27 children in extreme poverty. They all need bicycles to get to school (please see report in section 3).


          At the Vietnamese New Lunar Year Festival Đinh Đậu, while the KIAFC group was distributing gifts to poor children at Phước Chỉ Elementary School, Tây Ninh Province, we pitched in to buy five bicycles for five poor children (please see report in section 4). The money that remained in our funds was not enough to buy 27 more bicycles, books and bookshelves, uniforms, school supplies for children at  these three B́nh Thắng Elementary Schools.


          But luckily, members of the Hope For Kids Saigon group raised enough funds by contributing their own money and successfully asked for more donations from people in Vietnam. 


          On April 10, 2017, they brought all these gifts to B́nh Thắng Elementary School B (see photos below in section 5).


          We sincerely appreciate your donations in 2016. Your money brought gifts, books, bookshelves, and bicycles to children from these elementary schools in Vietnam.   


          We also deeply appreciate the efforts of our friends at Hope For Kids Saigon for contributing not only time, but money to Phước Chỉ Elementary School in Tây Ninh, and the 27 children at  three B́nh Thắng Elementary Schools.


Last but not least, we also would like to thank Mr. Nguyễn Giáo, who used to teach at Phan Thiết and is  one of the first founders of Hope For Kids program. It was Mr. Giáo who obtained permission and land for us to build the small school at Mũi . He then took care of the tasks maintaining the school and distributing gifts to young children from 2005 to 2016 on behalf of us.  We wish him all the joy and happiness that a happy retirement can bring. 





Founder of Hope For Kids



2.   DONATION IN 2016:


2.1       In US and other countries:


·                                           Hoàng Bích Quân (Brossard, Quebec, Canada):             $100

·                                           Nhạc sĩ Đăng Khánh (Houston, TX):                                 $200

·                                           Nguyên Hùng & Hằng (San Jose, CA):                               $200

·                                           Gia đ́nh họ Lư (San Jose, CA):                                           $300

·                                           Lại Thị Mơ (New Jersey) & Hồn Nước Magazine:         $240

·                                           Nguyễn Tài Ngọc (Simi Valley, CA):                                 $350

·                                           Hân (San Jose, CA):                                                         $200

·                                           Nguyễn Kim Mai (Farmington, NM):                                $200

·                                           Lâm Hoàng Mạnh (London, England):                             $100

·                                           Tiến Dũng (Saigon, Viet Nam):                                         $100

·                                           Trần Hải (Centreville, VA):                                                $100

·                                           Nguyễn V Phiên (Corona, CA):                                          $100

·                                           Tirso M. Gamo Jr. (Cerritos, CA):                                         $30

·                                           Enrico Locsin (Aurora, FL):                                                 $70

·                                           Avi Tamir (Rehovot, Israel):                                                $40

·                                           Josef and Alla Sarnov (Boynton Beach, FL):                      $50

·                                           Nguyễn Tường Lam (Denver, CO):                                     $50

·                                           Một Bạn Văn (Texas):                                                         $100



                   Total                                                                                 $2530


                    Exchanged to Vietnamese money  =   56,850,000 $VN



2.2       In Saigon:


            Fund from Hope For Kids Saigon:          24,650.000 $VN



2.3       Grand Total:



                   56,850,000   +   24,650,000     =          81,500,000 $VN






From Hope For Kids Sài G̣n


Dear anh  Hân:


We thought we could help an elementary school at Lam Dong,

but we decided to postpone this program until next time.

The school at Lam Dong does not have any restroom etc …, we

will come back to help them soon.

Here are some pictures taken at Phi Lieng Elementary School,

province Lam Dong:





















In March of 2017, we went to B́nh Thắng, Gia Mập,

province B́nh Phước to search for some poor schools.


There are three elementary schools in this area:

Binh Thang A, Binh Thang B and Binh Thang C.



Binh Thang B Elementary School



Information from the school principle:





At the beginning, we plan to support only for Binh Thang B school.

But we realize that the other two schools also need our support.

There will be a total of 27 bicycles for kids who have to walk very far

to school from their houses.



Sample of bicycles to be bought



Our plan will be included also school uniforms for all of these poor kids.

Currently, our fund is not enough to buy all of these gifts.

We will raise enough money among our group and from friends

before going there, hopefully after the first week of April, 2017.


Thank you

Hope For Kids Saigon

March, 2017




at Tây Ninh before the Lunar New Year













      at B́nh Thắng in April 2017:


Children at Binh Thang schools:






Shopping for books:






Transport to B́nh Thắng:










Preparing gifts:







Books and Bookselves:




















Giving bicycles to poor children:
















Giving uniforms and school supplies:















6.1         AT TÂY NINH:


5 bicycles                 =  6,500,000 $VN

Transportation    =      200,000 $VN

Total                           =  6,700,000 $VN



6.2         AT B̀NH THẮNG:


School supplies                       =   12,906,000 $VN

More school supplies            =     2,268,000 $VN

Unniforms                                  =  18,190,000 $VN

          27 bicycles & accessories   =  37,860,000 $VN

Misc. Items                                 =    3,576,000 $VN



6.3         TOTAL EXPENSES  =    81,500,000 $VN










5 bicycles for Tây Ninh’s elementary school:





Receipts for Binh Thang Elementary Schools:









School supplies:

























tiến Dũng            Tôn Thái Lung           Nguyễn Long





Nguyễn Khắc Trung      Nguyễn Minh Hải             Phạm Anh Khoa





Trần Hữu Lộc           Trần Phong