For 2014



1. Donations in 2014:



2.            Activities in 2014:


While visiting Vietnam in late 2014, not only did we visit the school for children

in Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, but we also had the opportunity to visit three remote places

at  Đồng Nai, Lm Đồng and Long An provincesThe people here are very poor,

have  harsh living conditions and limited access to transportation and social interaction.

There are many homeless adults and children alike.


We were able to contact two non-profit organizations in Saigon, KIAFC and students

from The Vietnam International University, who helped us to buy, package and transfer gifts

from Saigon to the people at these remote places. 


Besides helping students at the school for children this year at Mũi N, Phan Thiết,

Hope For Kids also provided gifts to:


- 30 families and 75 poor students at M Đ Commune, Vĩnh Cửu District,

Đồng Nai Province.

- Students at L Lợi Elementary school, Lộc Tn Commune, Bảo Lm District,

Lm Đồng Province. 

- Poor children at An Ninh Ty Commune,  Đức Ha District, Long An Province. 


With the $2,380 US dollars contributed in 2014, we bought presents and distributed

as follows:


A. $880 US dollars for the students at Mũi N School:

            - $380 US dollars to buy gifts for 55 children, and to give cash to 2 teachers

and the principal on Feb/01/2015.

       - $500 US dollars for poor children.


B.               $500 US dollars for 30 poor families and 75 students at M Đ Commune,

Vĩnh Cửu District, Đồng Nai Province.


C.              $730 US dollars for poor students at L Lợi Elementary school  Lộc Tn Commune,

district Bảo Lm District, Lm Đồng Province:


            - $220 US dollars to buy 303 new books.


            - $140 US dollars to buy 545 used books.


(The school was able to create a small library with the books we bought.)


            - $370 US dollars to buy 5 bicycles.


D.              $270 US dollars for poor children at An Ninh Ty Commune, Đức Ha District,

Long An Province.





3. Pictures:


A.          Pictures taken at Mui Ne, Phan Thiet:



A.1: At Mui Ne on January 12, 2015:














A.12: At Mui Ne during Vietnamese New Year 2015:








B.          Pictures taken at Dong Nai:



B1. Gifts for 30 very poor families:

(with the help of students from Vietnam International University)











B2. Gifts for 75 very poor students:

(with the help of students from Vietnam International University)










C.          Pictures taken at Lam Dong:

(with the help of group KIAFC, Si Gn)













D.         Pictures taken at Long An:

(with the help of group KIAFC, Si Gn)











4. Thank-you letters to Hope For Kids:







Ghi Ch: trong thư c đnh my sai: chữ KIDS chứ khng phải KISD





5. Receipts:


5.1 Receipts to buy gifts to be distributed at Mui Ne:




5.2 Receipts to buy gifts to be distributed at Dong Nai:


5.3 Receipts to buy books to be donated at Lam Dong:




5.4         Receipt of 5 bicycles for the children at Lam Dong:



5.5 Receipt to buy toys for poor children at Long An:



On behalf of all children receiving gifts in Vietnam, we would like to thank you

for your generous contributions to Hope For Kids organization.  With your help,

we were able to provide hopes and joys to disadvantaged children in time for

Tết Festival.


We hope your kindness will continue on so that the children will once again be able

to receive gifts for next year's Tết Festival.



Han Le

Hope For Kids